Corrosion Protection

It is important to consider the ways in which external ironwork can be protected from the elements.

Of the various corrosion protection methods available, TBM regularly use and recommend both the hot-dip galvanising and thermal zinc spray techniques. These processes will ensure that your newly installed ironworks remain protected from the elements and stay looking newer for longer.

Typically, ‘hot- dipped galvanised’ ironwork will be left bare or finished with a powder coating.This finish does not leach making it a good choice for works over bodies of water, such as fish ponds. Aesthetically, this combination has a thicker plastic appreance.

For external gates, railings and bespoke items, we recommend blasting ironwork back to bare metal and then applying a thermal zinc spray and top coat. This offers an equal or greater level of corrosion protection whilst still retaining the look and feel of the ironwork. In areas where corrosion levels are higher, such as along the coast, the application of a two-pack top coat is also recommended.

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